The mission of the Simplexity Education & Therapy Center is simple: 
We want to help our clients resume their normal daily activites (and other things they love to do!)...pain-free...without drugs or surgery.  Anyone can be pain-free if they are on enough medications. Anyone can be pain-free if they exist in a "bubble", or just don't do any activities that might cause them to have pain.  We don't feel that either of those options is the best way to live. 
We specialize in long-term relief from acute and chronic pain, without turning you into an "annuity", or seeing the same people, week in, week out, for the rest of our lives. 
Our goal is to help you get better, so you can go away and send us someone else!!
Here are some "Happy Letters" from clients whom we've helped in the past.  Due to HIPPA privacy regulations, we've omitted their names, but rest assured, even we couldn't make this stuff up!!

“If you or someone you know is having "pain" problems of any kind I encourage you to give SET a try. I cannot express how much it changed my life in just 8 treatments over the course of 5 months.  It is worth the investment - both time and money.”


“When I met Heather, I had been in pain for 5 years (I am only 25, by the way). I had pain in every joint in my body and was taking an average of 2-6 Aleve every day. I have been seeing Heather for a couple of months, and have only taken Aleve once in the past 30 days.

My posture, the way I sleep, the way I breathe, have all changed. SET has changed my life. I feel completely different, in a really great way. I would recommend anyone try SET if they want to feel and be better.”


“I have just completed my 5th session of SET. My life has changed dramatically in the last 10 weeks of SET in the way my body feels. I was critically injured in a major car accident over 2 years ago, and sustained many injuries including a shattered sacrum, fractured ribs, torn rotator cuff, and a contusion on my spleen. Luckily, I survived the crash and my pelvis was put back together with a fixation of titanium rods, which were removed one year later.  My surgeon said I was healed, but that I had nerve damage to my left foot.

Since I started SET, I am walking properly, wearing negative heel shoes, my posture is improved, and I am sensing my numb foot “waking up”.  This has been the best therapy to bring me back to how I was, and I feel so good!  The trauma from the accident is released in SET as energy, and the emotional pain is lifting as well.  I highly recommend SET and Heather.  Not only is she an excellent, knowledgeable professional, she is delightful and charming!  Very caring and sensitive, she is making a huge difference in how I feel about myself!

I highly endorse SET for anyone wishing to get on with their lives after a setback such as mine.”


“I began seeing Heather for SET 2 months ago.  I had daily headaches, stiffness & pain in my neck and shoulders.  I had been to a chiropractor for many sessions with no relief.  I had also seen a couple of massage therapists, but nothing seemed to help my chronic pain.  A friend of mine recommended Heather, and even though she was 30-35 miles away, I made the drive.

I love to walk & run, and have recently been able to with no pain. I also play golf, but I have never been able to play more than 9 holes at a time because I would be tense & in pain for so long.  This week, my father-in-law came to town & we went out to play. The 1st day, we played 17 holes, no pain.  I played 9 holes the next day, no pain. I played the 3rd day in a row, 17 holes, no pain. I was amazed, and so was my husband!

After feeling chronic pain for so long, this was such a relief! I am so impressed by SET, I am trying to get my mom to fly in from out of state for some sessions. I will continue to make the drive across town to be pain-free!  Thank you!”